Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about computational studies and microfluidics in medicinal chemistry

Next Monday 16th of November and Thrusday 19th of November we have organized two interesting webinars about Computational Studies in Drug Discovery and about Microfluidics within the Viro-Flow School events. Attendance is open by Zoom, after registration.

In the Computational Day (16th of November) we will count with Prof. Giulia Rossetti from Forschungszentrum Jülich presenting the research about Corona Virus performed at their Institute and within the framework of the EU project EXCALATE4CoronaVirus within the EU coronavirus H2020 program. . Also Sharon D. Bryant from Inte:Ligand company will talk about advanced 3D-pharmacophores and their use in drug discovery. Finally, Viro-Flow PhD student Elena Detta will also present her research within the project .

AGENDA 16th of November 2020

9.00h – Prof. Giulia Rossetti – Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH – “Computational Approaches To Drug Repurposing and Design against coronavirus (2019-nCoV)”

9.45h – Sharon D. Bryant – Inte:Ligand – “Advanced 3D-Pharmacophores and their Use in Drug Discovery”

10.30h – Elena Detta – ICIQ – “Structure-based design of novel Hepatitis B Virus Capsid Assembly Modulators”


During the Microfluidics Day (19th of November), Prof. Andrew deMello from ETH Zürich will show the use of microfluidics for ultra-high-throughput chemistry and biology. Dr. Elfi Töpfer from Microfluidic ChipShop company will talk then about microfluidic chip manufacturing by injection molding and applications, and also how industrial manufacturing might differ from academic approaches. Furthermore, Viro-Flow PhD student Tamás Vermes will also present his research within the project.

AGENDA 19th of November 2020

9.00h – Prof. Andrew J. deMello – ETH Zürich – “Microfluidics for ultra-high-throughput chemistry and biology”

9.45h – Dr. Elfi Töpfer – Microfluidic ChipShop GmbH – “Microfluidic chip manufacturing by injection molding and applications”

10.30h – Tamas Vermes – ICIQ – “Establishment of an Automatized Microfluidic Platform for the Screening of Novel HBV Capsid Assembly Modulators (CAMs)”


Looking forward to see you all there!

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