The VIRO-FLOW project aims to integrate the advantages of continuous flow chemistry with in vitro microfluidic bioassay technologies for the fast and efficient discovery of novel and innovative inhibitors of the Hepatitis B Virus (HBV). This programme aims to contribute to the development of innovative methodologies that allow more efficient production of new compounds with anti-viral activity, specifically against HBV, for future transfer of technology and knowledge between different sectors with relevant economic impact.

The global objective of this ITN-EID programme is to provide an innovative and high-level training in drug discovery and enabling technologies for 3 Early-Stage Researchers (ESRs), supported by a network of experts in anti-infective therapeutics, specifically virology and bacteriology in AiCuris, a pharmaceutical company; and the Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (ICIQ), a research center working on catalysis, with a special focus on sustainability (functionalization of small molecules, renewable energies, new uses for light in chemistry) using an integrated approach. ICIQ is highly committed to knowledge and technology transfer to the chemical, pharmaceutical and energy industrial sectors. When at ICIQ, the students will by integrated in the Pericàs Laboratory and the technology development unit ERTFLOW, with ample expertise in flow chemistry.

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Next week, ICIQ will be at ACHEMA fair showcasing our industry-focused technology development units, including ERTFLOW, in Frankfurt (Germany) from 11-15 of June 2018. At ACHEMA 2018, the new Flow Chemistry Pavilion will host the most advanced, innovative […]


VIRO-FLOW, ICIQ’s first industrial ITN (H2020 Innovative Training Network), held its kick-off meeting on May 22nd and 23rd at ICIQ. The project, a partnership between ICIQ, ERTFLOW and AiCuris, obtained €750k to train early-stage researchers […]